Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy 400th post

I never imagined that I could ramble on for 400 posts! Here are some happy random thoughts for the occasion:
  • For some reason, I've always been attracted to the retro flower look as you may have noticed from my header background and favicon Doug says it looks very "Dating Game" (image from Rock Riddle). When I saw these cool retro magnets on Popgadget, I immediately wanted them! Well, I guess it really wouldn't look right on my charcoal grey BMW wagon. Maybe I could put them on my fridge at work (the fridge at home is of course adorned with the kid's artwork and schedules). Well, maybe that wouldn't be appropriate for a software engineering manager. How did I get to be SO OLD!?!?!
  • 100 pounds of kids. Adam just hit the 60 pound mark and Dova is hovering around 38 pounds, so we are rapidly approaching 100 pounds of kids! It wasn't long ago that Adam was 40 pounds and Dova was 20 pounds and we had 60 pounds of kids. My guess is that was 3 years ago when Adam was around Dova's age (makes sense) and Dova was about 9 months old. Wait, that's just after I started this blog, 40 pounds of kids ago.
  • Summer is nearing the end, which means Adam will be off to first grade on the school bus. I will miss this particular moment in the day when I pick them both up from preschool. After Adam flies headfirst off the tricycle when he catches a curb, and Dova puts all the princess dress-up clothes away, and Adam shows me the flags that he drew, and Dova takes the play coins out of the register, and Adam builds a really tall log cabin before he can put the pieces away, and Dova has to go the bathroom again, and I finally get them out of the school, into the car and buckle Dova into her seat... After all that, I shut the car door and walk around the back of the car to driver's door. This moment in time is total bliss. They are both safe in the car and I am completely free for 5 seconds. Ahh, no more corralling, persuading, directing, pleading for 5 whole seconds. As soon as I open the door, the spell is broken and I'm back to being mom trying not to lose my cool for the 6 minute ride home.
  • I usually part Dova's hair for her ponytails using a comb with a pointy end. One morning, I had left the comb downstairs, so instead, I grabbed a knitting needle to part her hair. It worked wonderfully, and now she always wants me to "knit her hair".
Apparently, I'm quite good at rambling on and never have a lack of things to say! Here's to another 400 posts!


Bigqueue said...

I used to have a set of multi-colored peace sign magnets that I would stick on my Beetle every now and retro indeed.

I am not sure where those magnets went....I might have given them away with the car!

Bigqueue said...

Oh, BTW....congrats on hitting 400 posts!