Monday, September 10, 2007

Do you have any duct tape?

Every parent knows that when your child says something inappropriate but funny, you gotta keep a straight face when you tell them not to say it or else they will think it is OK. Lately, I've been really bad about keeping the straight face for both kids.
  • Adam - We were at grandma's new condo in a senior community and she likes to keep the noise down so that the neighbors aren't disturbed. Adam and I were playing a card game like egyptian rat screw, but we never learned the name correctly and call it russian rat trap. Anyway, every time he failed to slap the cards and I won them, he shrieked out and we would tell him to be quiet. He tried putting a pillow over his mouth, but he kept screaming each time he lost or even won, unable to control himself. Finally he said, "Do you have any duct tape?" I asked, "For what?" He said, "To tape my mouth shut." I burst out laughing, despite all the bad news about daycare and duct tape.
  • Dova - The kids were fooling around and Doug was trying to get them to stop. He would ask them to stop [ insert bad behavior here - chasing, tickling, screaming, etc. ] over and over, but they wouldn't calm down. Finally, he said "If you guys don't cut it out, I'm going to..." And Dova interjected "Are you going to kick our butts?" This time, I immediately put my hand over my mouth to stifle my laughter. Doug was glaring at me with a carefully buttoned mouth, but it got so hard to stop laughing that I started crying.
Now the running joke is "Are you going to kick our butts with duct tape?" Oh man, it's so hard to be a serious adult sometimes.

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