Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let the audience do your marketing

The latest trend in marketing is to let the audience do all your work. This gmail video has ingenious clips from people across the globe. Granted it is a bit of work to select and edit these videos together, but the creativity and resources of the masses far outweigh a group of marketing geeks in a room. Plus, who would want to miss out on three seconds of fame? It's a win-win situation. I especially like how they placed all the selected videos on a global map so you can see where the clips came from by clicking on its pin. I had a dream about a twittervision or flickrvision like application with three second video clips instead of text or pictures once, before this map and video came out.  

One of our favorite TV shows, Monk, on USA Network, is also getting in on audience marketing by promoting a Monk Across America campaign where people submit photos of the Monk bobblehead in all sorts of locations. I did get a bobblehead, but haven't brought him to any interesting places. Where should I take him? 

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