Friday, October 19, 2007

From Victim, To Bully, To Protector

Adam is always running to get on the bus, so I was lucky to catch this action shot of him (hmm, why isn't the kid catcher open? he is way below the line of sight of the driver). A few weeks ago, we heard about an incident on the bus and it was nearly impossible to get the straight story. He came home complaining about a girl on the bus who kept hitting him and it really hurt. Doug was furious that such behavior wasn't stopped by the bus driver. Adam claimed that he kept asking her to stop and she kept pounding him. Doug told him to make sure he tells the bus driver next time and threatened to call the bus company if anything like this happened again.

When I got home and heard the story, I was less enraged than Doug and a little more skeptical of Adam's story. I asked him whether he did something to this girl which caused her to hit him. He said that he took a toy away from her. What?!? And then we heard that this girl is only in Kindergarten. Now we started to worry that he was a big First Grade bully. After yelling and screaming at him why he would do such a thing, he just cowered with lots of I-don't-knows.

A few hours later, I asked him again why he took the toy away from this girl. He finally told us that a second girl asked to borrow her toy and the first girl agreed and then changed her mind and wouldn't give it to her. Adam felt it wasn't fair so he grabbed the toy away to give to the second girl. Ah, so now the picture becomes clearer. He was just trying to protect the second girl from the unfair treatment from the fist-rearing psycho girl. So we eventually told him that he should not butt into other people's business and to stay far far away from this girl. I knew in my heart that Adam is not a bully and rarely a victim (except for the time a kid put rocks in his ears and we had to take him to the emergency room), so it was heartwarming to finally find out that his intentions were noble and good.

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Anonymous said...

What a little gentleman! My boys are like that sometimes too. When they think I'm not