Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Spider Day

'Twas the night before Adam's birthday party which means that mom is running around baking him some ridiculous cake and carving the jack-o-lantern. I'm taking a break from decorating his cake (which already broke into three pieces) to post the pumpkin. Believe it or not, this spider was a lot easier than last year's bat. And hopefully this years cake will be a lot easier that last year's Spongebob. As a clue, here is his party invitation: 


Bigqueue said...

It must be great to have a birthday near a day like Halloween because there is always a sort of BUZZ around in the air.

Your cake story reminds me of my friend Steve T. at work who's wife's birthday is on Halloween.

This past Monday he started out on the mission to bake her a pumpkin shaped cake. (top half of a pumpkin...with stem and even carved)

Well, the cake and stem part was a snalp (he's a pretty good cook/baker I guess), but he messed up somehow on the easiest part...the frosting. He wanted it more creamy and of course, it would not stick to the "steep-angles" on the cake. (it kept drooping off)

He finally found a solution by putting the frosting out in the freezer to harden it up, and then put the cake in the fridge to keep it cold. (served it with ice cream, so it sort of didn't matter at serving time)

Julie Pippert said...

I grew up with a Halloween-proximate birthday and thought it was cool. People born near other holidays griped but I think Halloween must be different. Everyone's looking for a party so I always got fun, big ones. LOL

That is a WICKED cool pumpkin!

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