Friday, November 30, 2007

I Survived NaBloPoMo 2007

Image from Mrs. Fussypants

Here we are at the end of November band I survived NaBloPoMo. It was a blast meeting new friends and keeping up the posting frenzy. I, like many, had a dip is "quality posts", not only from the sheer number of posts (I have managed the feat before), but because I had to travel twice for business this month. I wish I could have spent more time writing and less time relying on meme's redface, but I did manage to post some long time drafts and bring my total number of posts to 496! The only thing I found a bit limiting is the one post per day rule. Sure I can crank out 30 posts in a month, but not necessarily one a day. When I have time, I can crank out 3 in one night and then actually spend time with my family for a few days. I found myself writing up a backlog posts and then publishing them one a day (especially on weekends). Still it was a great fun. See you all again next year!

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