Monday, November 12, 2007

The Knitted Dinosaur

A while back I posted a picture of Dova and Mr. Stegs for the Photo Hunters Plastic theme, but did not elaborate on it. The pattern is from Xtreme-Knitting and the acrylic yarn is from late cousin Ruth. The only modifications to the pattern were to knit the spines and pads for his feet in a contrasting color and to leave out the four spikes on his tail (this dino doesn't need to thrash his prey for dinner). This was my first knitted animal and I had a fun time stuffing it. At first I used some loose fiberfill, but then I realized that all sorts of other (free) things would work as well. I unraveled a bunch of gauge swatches which became nice and fluffy from the yarn being all kinked up. Then I utilized some fluffy hair ties that Dova no longer wears. I didn't bother to find something sentimental to put inside, as it is sentimental enough being a toy that I knitted with love (Doug says I'm the least sentimental woman he knows). After this, I made a knitted kitty for Adam so they'd both have a knitted animal from mom (to be posted soon!). So much to knit, so much to blog, and did I mention I need to take another business trip soon?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a really nice stuffed Mom is huge on arts and crafts and would love to make these...maybe even sell em on e-bay ;)

Julie Pippert said...

She is simply too cute...that adorable face and smile!

Cute dinosaur too.

Using My Words

Dinosaur Facts said...

Both are so cute.Her dress color matches perfectly with the dinosaur.