Monday, November 19, 2007

Knitted Kitty

I was so taken by this knitted kitty from Knitting Daily (you'll have to subscribe to their newsletter to get the free pattern), I decided to knit one for Adam. We used some King Tut Egyptian cotton yarn in Lilac, and Adam picked the Lion Brand Microspun in Lime, his favorite color. The cat's body is much smaller than I had imagined, the head and body section looked like a small sock before stuffing it. I had a tough time seaming the body together neatly with the cotton yarn so I changed to knitting most of the limbs in the round (don't forget to reduce one stitch). Of course I got rid of some more of Dova's hair ties while stuffing it. And the simple instruction to embroider the face was not so simple at all! I had to snake the embroidery yarn in from the back, through the tight neck, out onto the face and then back down through the neck and out the back again. For the ears, I used long vertical stitches and then weaved the yarn horizontally through them. For the eyes, I had vertical stitches but then had to go back and make some cross stitches. The whiskers were the toughest. Originally, I had small pieces of white elastic looped around stitches on the face, but they kept going in the opposite direction, even when I reversed them. Finally I ended up using some nylon beading string, tying a knot onto the back of the neck and then drawing them out of the face. This kitty is happiest when doing gymnastics or flying through the air. Don't forget to check out for all your knitting supplies and use this coupon: 50% OFF the regular price of 1 item at!

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