Saturday, November 17, 2007

The MIT Girl and Flashing Shirts

I was totally disappointed when Star Simpson, a sophomore at MIT, had the terrible judgment of walking into Boston's Logan airport with a home-rigged LED device in her sweatshirt. Thankfully she was only arrested and instead of being MIT's first Darwin Award recipient. Of course it didn't help that she performed this stunt in the city known to overreact whenever LEDs are involved as with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare.

As I drown under the weight of holiday catalogs (go to to opt out), I perused through Computer Gear and found not one, but FOUR shirts that they offer with flashing lights. The TSA will either have to ban these or get used to a lot of geeks strutting their stuff.

Here's one that is suspiciously similar to Star's shirt:
Scrolling LED Computer T-shirt

Here are some others:
Equalizer EL Computer T-shirt

Click on the images to get to the catalog pages. Buyer beware when going through airport security!


Anonymous said...

I saw a company at the fall electronics show selling these. My favourite of these shirts was the digital clock, probably due to my dislike of watches.

Anonymous said...

Do geeks really sell flashing shirts? Are they fiber-optic, or do they just have the marquee-style message machines on them? I'd love to see a group of geeks wearing these going through security at a national airport. I'm sure they'd get in tons of trouble.