Friday, November 23, 2007

National Geographic Video Shorts - not for the faint of heart

While Adam waits for his bus to school, I sometimes whip out my iPhone and we watch something quick on YouTube (I know I know, can't this kid spend one minute without stimulation?). Since most YouTube videos are crap, I decided to subscribe to the National Geographic Video Shorts podcast, figuring that it would be more educational. The first time I suggested watching one of these, Adam rolled his eyes and said it would be too boring (so cynical at such a young age). 

 I scanned down the list to find a title that was more sensational and chose Blood Initiation. What I failed to do was read the description, "Young men of the Matausa tribe undergo a painful bloodletting ritual as a passage to manhood, shoving sticks down their throats and noses, and piercing their tongues." After about 30 seconds when it was clear that this wasn't something that my kids should watch, I stopped the video. I scanned down the list again and tried Lizardman. (Note, clicking on this link will bring you to a page which will immediately start the video). I read the description, "A Texas man takes tattoos and piercings to the extreme. He has become a one-man freak show," and figured that tattoos can't be that bad. In reality, this man transformed (i.e. disfigured) his body with tattoos and surgery so that he resembles a reptile with pointed teeth and a forked tongue. Seriously, his tongue can move in two different directions. It was so disturbing, I had to turn it off as well. Of course the kids were fascinated and wanted more more more, but thankfully the bus arrived. I think I happened to pick some of the most disconcerting videos to start with. Since then, we've watched a few others such as Hurricanes and Jesus Christ Lizard which have been great. So just beware and read the descriptions before watching these videos!

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