Thursday, November 15, 2007

You Park Like An Asshole

OK, this person didn't quite deserve a You Park Like an Asshole sign, but there were no cars on the other side of him! I had printed up a bunch of these signs but Doug felt they were too much so I think they "disappeared" from our glove boxes. From the looks of the hate mail this site has gotten, I guess most people overreact after receiving one (check it out for a laugh). But apparently bad parking is a pet peeve of many, including Cory Doctorow of He spells out the license tags and takes no prisoners (notice I left the plate out of the picture to prevent any retribution!). Now there is also a Flickr group where you can take out your frustrations and commiserate.


SabineM said...

Oh what a fabulous idea! I hate it when I get in and I can't get into my car. I also have a little on in a car seat so sometimes, I can't get her in either! DRIVES ME NUTS!
I would also like to pass out YOU DRIVE LIKE AN ASSHOLE, more often then not! AND another one STOP TEXTING WHILE DRIVING, A...., and GET OFF THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING, A....
! Ok I am done now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

He he he,

Look at you going all PG-13 on your blog!

I knew you had an inner road rager inside you somewhere!



Karen MEG said...

I want, need those signs! Too funny!
I found you on NaBlo; you're kids are adorable!

Melissa said...


I sooo need this for the idiots with the Hummers who park in the compact car space at WHOLE FOODS!!!!