Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanks for the well wishes!

Not much better today, although I managed to drive myself to the doctor only to have it dismissed as viral (left both kids with Doug because it is a snow day). The doctor offered a blood test and a chest x-ray but I declined on the x-ray because my cough is not pneumonia-like (not that I've ever had it, but I can tell). She felt that the 100-103°F temperature swings were fine. Let's just say I got less than top notch care from the "attending physician". Dova made a miraculous recovery today so maybe it is viral. Last night I couldn't write my post on The Killing Fields movie because Doug actually wanted to get some sleep, so instead I dreamt deliriously about it all night. Not exactly a restful convalescing topic. That and dreaming about laying out all the cables of my instrument at work and "breathing" through the wires to make sure they were correct. So without further ado, onto The Killing Fields!

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