Sunday, February 17, 2008

Arr! A Developer's Life for Me

Microsoft Developer's Life

Avast! I found this in me mail at work. Do ya really think it be appropriate for developers t' be known as pirates? Arr! Some o' them code that way, but t' meticulous ones like me would hate t' be associated with a bunch o' scalawags. Download yer own map and game pieces here. Me only complaint be where be t' beauties (women)? You think all coders be men?!?!

(Thanks go to the English-to-Pirate translator for help on the pirate talk.)

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Julie Pippert said...

What is that? An ad for Visual Studio?

Ummm...yeah, it's a little odd, comparing developers to pirates. Isn't that a little more hackerish? (don't hurt me! I'm just sayin!) I mean most coders get really miffy if you even use the word hack in their presence.

Perhaps a buff sailor of the same era...