Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Toot - 1400 Photos Tagged on Flickr

In my obsessively organized way, I have been slowly but surely recovering from six months of photos being thrown up on Flickr and not tagged. Two years ago, I allowed 500 pictures to go untagged and thought that was totally unreasonable, but last year, I completely got in over my head with a total of 1400 untagged photos. It all started with a trip to Las Vegas where I took over 400 photos with my new camera (and that is after I deleted the bad ones). It quickly snowballed over the summer with way too many activities and no time to reflect on them. During my illness the past two months, I've been unable to go to the gym so I've been staying in my office at lunch tagging away. I've sworn that all pictures going up from now on will be tagged immediately, but we'll see what happens next summer. The new Flickr Uploadr 3.0 allows you to tag before uploading, but I've had problems with large batches not getting uploaded. Being all tagged up will also allow me to go back and fill in the years from 2001-2004. So far, I've got nearly 10,000 photos on Flickr and nearly 30,000 views. Woo hoo!

In other camera news, I've started playing with Roxio's Easy Media Creator 10 to finally compile seven years of video clips from my camera onto DVD. I've run into technical problems with the software, which hopefully will be cleared up with a new video card or a different computer. You'd think a geek like me would have a handle on such things, but it hasn't been easy, and it has taken way too much time away from blogging. Maybe it will be next Tuesday's toot!


Julie Pippert said...

Okay all of my photos are sorted into logical orderly folders on my hard drive. They are backed up to disk, same fashion.

Why would I want them on Flickr?

(Honest question...since you are my social media go to person now. Is that cool?)

Angela said...

Of course, I have an orderly system on my hard drive that is organized by year and month, and if it is a fairly large batch of photos for an event, I'll create a separate folder. And everything is backed up as in on an external drive. But tagging allows me to put information on each picture so I can quickly locate it. For example, if I want to find pictures of Adam's friend Steven, I just put a search in for Steven and all his pictures come up. I don't have to go.. last time we saw him was at the lake and that was last july or was is august... And if Steven's mom wants to see all her son's pictures that I've taken, she can do the same. Instant photo sharing with comprehensive searching.

Another example is if I need a picture with both Adam and Dova from 2004 for a baby collage, I punch in the tags and voila. Mostly, I use Flickr as a tool to locate pictures among thousands (can you sense I have a photography problem?), but it is also useful for photo sharing. People are always dying to see the pictures from this or that get together and they can always count on my to have them accessible and organized.

Lastly, for my really great pictures, I send them to groups for the rest of the world to see and comment on. Most of my everyday photos go unseen unless I have some tag they happen to be searching on (car models are a popular search item). Flickr has stats that tell you which photos are being searched so I can see where the lurkers are coming from (too many people who like long hair).

Whew! What a dissertation, I think it was longer than the post!

Mom said...

Ok can you come to my house and Tag all of my photos from 2002 on?? :)

Liz said...

Congratulations! Tagging all those photos could really be taxing.

Happy Tuesday Tooting!


Anonymous said...

Wow - that IS a big accomplishment - Toot! Toot! Which reminds me, I need to organize my digital pics. Thanks for the reminder.