Friday, April 25, 2008

Where are my kids?

IMG_3157 PS

No, I haven't fallen off the blogging wagon, I took my family on a business trip during school vacation week and left myself with absolutely no extra time or room (literally - I holed myself up in the bathroom for the sk*rt editors call-in). And I left my blog without a photograph of my beautiful kids on the front page! Obviously not keeping up with my exploitative mommyblogging. No, I don't hock their ridiculous antics for advertising cash (much), I incessantly post pictures of them for all the world to drool over (pimp!). This picture was captured entirely by accident as they were in no mood to behave as shown in these shots:
Monkey see monkey do IMG_3149
IMG_3158 PS Dova kisses Adam

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Deb said...

That first picture is wonderful - but I love the rest of them because you can see how much fun they're having together! :)

Julie Pippert said...

That is the best series of photos! So much personality.

(Exploitative, LOL)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

How could you NOT exploit them? They are freaking adorable!

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I used a similar collection of photos of my kids in a collage on our holiday cards. I would soo do that with these shots -- use the first one as the centerpiece and surround it by the others. In fact, they're so cute, I might be tempted to put them on cards right now just to send to people to show how cute your kids are.

Unknown said...

cute pics. Gah! The things we do as mothers more than make up for any kidzploitation.