Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chest Tattoos - Wasn't Our Idea

For some reason, Adam wanted to plant his Pirates of the Caribbean temporary tattoo on his chest. We obliged and he pretended to look tough for the picture.

Adam pirate

In this one, he looked more like a drag queen. Something about those luscious lips.

Adam drag queen

A week or so later, Dova wanted to put a temporary tattoo of Spongebob on her chest. We said no and were met by many why why why's. We tried to tell her that it wasn't nice for girls to put tattoos on their chests and they can't go around without a shirt. This made no sense to her as she insisted that it wasn't fair that her brother could, so we put the tattoo on (pick your battles right?). But it turned out oh-so-cute. Here she is with her Spongebob chest tattoo as well as a Spiderman tattoo on her forehead.

Dova tattoo

Note: This post was written with Windows Live Writer another attempt by Microsoft to take over your life. I actually enjoyed the Polaroid Picture plug-in which make my lousy snapshots look cute and scrapbooky instead of poorly flashed and not up to my standards. The one thing that I really disliked however is that it took about 5 attempts to get it downloaded and installed with the Microsoft Live Installer. And I never got it installed on my work laptop through the firewall. Really ought to call it Microsoft Dead Installer (POS! Hey that WikiPedia Link plug-in is cool too).

Edited to add: Uploading to my Picasa Web Album (which I didn't even know I had) with my Google username in the URL is totally not cool either. Had to quickly upload the pictures to Flickr and swap them out.


Mo and The Purries said...

Those are great pics!
Will have to check out those features.

I think the Pirates tattoo on the chest is excellent - and hey, if Johnny Depp can work the whole drag thing, than so can your son!

Anonymous said...

Temporary tattoos are the coolest thing when you're a kid. I used to love putting them all over...I'm sure I probably had a chest tattoo at one time or another, too!