Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dova's Sayings Part 2

Dova with wispy hair

I had so much fun with the last installment of Dova's sayings, that I saved them up for another Thursday Thirteen. Since this was pretty tedious, I'll just post them as they happen from now on (shorter blog posts keep your attention right?).
  1. Mom, you have ants in your brain. They'll never crawl out.

  2. Mom (while picking up some rotisserie chicken): Be careful, it's hot.
    Dova: Why does the chicken want to be hot and sweaty?

  3. I don't want to be cute anymore. I want to be beautiful. (You are sweetie!)

  4. Grandma: Did you like the MIT Museum? Was it like magic?
    Dova: It's not magic, Grandma, it's science!

  5. I'm half Chinese. Mom, you're full of Chinese.

  6. We can have two mommies in our family me and you. And we can have two daddies in our family, Adam and daddy because there are two tall fingers in my hands, right? (Pointing to her middle fingers) This one is a tall one and that one is tall. (Four-year-old logic at its best)

  7. I don't want to be a boy when I grow up. I want to be a girl forever. (Whew, luckily she was born into the right sex.)

  8. Yellow tastes like sour lemon juice.

  9. I want to crack my heart open, so that the blood will flow down to my legs. (Oh my, what an imagination. Dad told her just to relax and it will happen naturally).

  10. Mom, here's a joke: How can you be running in the air so fast? Because you're on the ceiling! (Hmm, maybe other 4-year-olds will understand that one).

  11. Mommy, you're pregnant. You have a food baby! (Way to use the urban dictionary!)

  12. These mosquito bites are so itchy, it feels like butterflies are tickling me from inside my body.

  13. Mommy, I'm hard of hearing because there's a mouse in my brain.

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