Monday, May 05, 2008

Tuesday Toot - Another awesome story by Adam

Math story

Adam wrote another awesome story for school that shows that he has definitely broken through the creativity barrier.  Here it is (spelling and all):

When the teacher was doing math somebody gave her a box. Suddnly Freddy the frog jumped out.  The teacher screamed.  The kids thought that was cool so the kids chased Freddy the frog out the window and through the playground and across the raod.  walking through the city and running through the feld and jogging through the forest and tiptoing past the airport and onto the airplane landed in Astrailia and Freddy the frog got away.  So the kids went back on the airplan and past the airport through the forest and past the city across the road through the playground back in the window for math.

Awesome story and nice coloring too, Adam!

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Anonymous said...

That's some creative writing. I think you have a budding writer in the works there. Great job, mommy. Happy tooting :) .