Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Adam Fathers Day card cover
Adam Fathers Day card drawing
Adam Fathers Day card

I got so caught up in my week of Wordless Wednesday's that I blew by Father's Day without a post (and Adam forgot to bring him his card from school until Monday). According to Adam, Doug is only good for motorcycles, like his mom is only good for video games.

Dova made another flower pot at school, this time with grass seed:
Dova's Father's Day gift

How did I get this strange eerie lighting for this strange eerie painted pot? Well, I failed to shoot the picture under natural light and all the flash shots were coming out with huge shadows. So I flipped my camera upside down, bounced the flash off the floor, and post processed by rotating twice, straightening, cropping to portrait, and correcting for the wood floor colored white balance. All that work because I was too lazy to wait for daylight!

Doug's birthday was one week before Father's Day and we celebrated on a hot steamy day. For some reason, the party always falls on the hottest or rainiest day of June. Here he is being presented with a cake made by his wife who insists on putting all the candles on. This year I had to purchase two boxes of 36 candles because he needed one candle more than two boxes of 24 candles.


Happy Birthday Doug and Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!

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