Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogging Goodness - Email Form and Mobile Site

123 Contact Forms

After doing the super easy route of using Contactify for a while (and getting a handful of complaints), I decided to put a real contact form up on the site. I actually signed up with 10 services or so before I found one that met all my criteria (free, configurable, ad-free, captcha, etc.). The only thing it doesn't have is access for the blind, but my email address can still be found on my Blogger profile.  So you can benefit from all my research by going straight to for your contact form needs.

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Powered by 123ContactForm.

For the mobile version of this site, I had been using Wirenode, but I found MoFuse to be much cooler.  Their button fits perfectly in my Subscribe section and the iPhone site looks darn slick.

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