Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #45 - Where Have I Been?

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I've been pretty scarce around the blog lately, and here are my excuses:

  1. Went to the beach.  Well, just once, for a whole two hours because Dova couldn't find her glasses until 2pm.  I lost it with Adam earlier in the day because he threw his Nintendo DS across the room in frustration, so he went with Dad to a car show.

  2. Traveled for work.  I spent four days in Toronto last week.  Normally I blog from the hotel, but I was too busy eating smoked salmon on pizza and then sushi, and spent the rest of the time working it off in the exercise room and pool.

  3. Water slide!  Speaking of pools, the Hilton Garden Inn in greater Toronto has an awesome water slide. And the kids went to a birthday party with a water slide as well.

  4. More traveling.  Took a couple day trips to the makers of the blue pill.  By taking the Toyota Echo at 43 mpg and $0.10/mile, with expense reimbursement at $0.585/mile, I pocketed $109.  But it left me exhausted with no time to blog.

  5. Adding a chart to my famous mileage spreadsheet. How do I know how the price per mile on my car?  The spreadsheet.  With gas prices rising and my excruciatingly detailed car spreadsheet, I added this price per gallon chart over the life of my cars.  This one is for regular unleaded, which is even more dramatic than the premium.

  6. My hard drives are full.  Both my hard drives are full, which means that I can't upload any more photographs.  I have a new one, but I haven't installed it yet.

  7. My other computer is broken too.  I'm such a lame geek! I re-installed Windows XP on the kids computer and when I finally got around to activating it, it barfed on me and said my product key was bad.  All this after I installed a wireless network card and failed to set it up before the activation period expired and I hauled the computer over to connect it directly to the router.

  8. Celebrated my wedding anniversary.  Still going strong nine years and two crazy kids later.

  9. Necessary iPhone apps.  Since I reverted to an unjailbroken phone last November, I've been app-less (as opposed to hapless?) with lots of ground to make up.  Necessities include AIM, Jott and Twittelater (I found Twitterific too confusing with too many ads).

  10. Cool iPhone apps.  I also installed Facebook, Pandora, PageOnce and eReader.  I miss the book reader on my Palm although I never used it.  

  11. Silly iPhone apps.  Fun but useless include iPint, TapTap and PhoneSaber.

  12. Worrying about the doctor visit.  Tomorrow I get to see a pulmonologist to check out my never ending cough.

  13. Sleeping.  Considering that this post is going to be published at 1:30am, this obviously means that I've been favoring sleeping over blogging!

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