Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Really an Old Lady After All

My Land's End Swimsuit

Before the summer whittles away to nothing, I thought I'd put up my new "old lady" swimsuit from Lands' End.  I was inspired by Mommy's Martini and others that sported new suits this year. What, my picture is too small?  So sorry, gotta slim down somehow. Plus, I swore I would never wear a swimsuit on my blog!

At the beginning of the summer, I thought I lost my old swimsuit, so I had an excuse to buy a new one (the old one showed up a few weeks later).  Being able to go to Sears to try them on was a lot better than guessing from the catalog.  I would never have thought to get a halter top!  The only bottom they had in stock was the old lady skirted one, so I bought it because I've been checking the 41-50 age box way too many times lately. I much prefer the 35-44 range.  It's bad enough being 41, but having to be in the same box with 50-year-olds? *Sigh* No offense, of course.

My first test run with the suit was at the Hilton Garden Inn in greater Toronto.  I took it down the water slide at least 20 times.  All the extra material felt like I still had my clothes on.  It was not very conducive for swimming laps either.

Water Slide

The next time, I wore it to the beach with Dova.  In fact, she took that picture of me before we left.  Doug and Adam had already left for a car show with my point-and-shoot camera, so I handed Dova my five pound DSLR and hoped for the best.  I think she did an excellent job capturing me (when you purposely tilt the camera, it becomes artistic right?)!  At the beach, I taught Dova how to use a boogie board and took on a few waves myself.  Again, the suit was like wearing an albatross around my hips.  And there was so much wet material, it didn't even dry on the hour and a half car ride home.

Finally I wore it to a family gathering at the beach where we just sat around and didn't go in the water.  The skirt?  Was perfect.

Apparently, I'm not really an old lady going down water slides and boogie boarding, so if I'm apt to actually go in the water, I gotta go with the old suit.  But, if I'm going to sit around and act like an old lady?  The skirt, it is.

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