Friday, August 08, 2008

The Olympics, Geography, and the Seven-Year-Old

Photo Doug Mills/The New York Times

Adam and I watched part of the spectacular opening ceremonies for the Olympics on the super lucky day of 08.08.08. He was fascinated by all the Chinese drummers, many of them who looked just like him.  Just when I thought I was having an intelligent, educational conversation with him...
Mom:  Athletes from every country in the world come to the Olympics (OK, not true, but close enough).
Adam:  Even from Egypt?
Mom:  Yup.
Adam:  Australia?
Mom:  Yup.
Adam:  Turkey?
Mom:  Yup.
Adam:  The South Pole?
Mom:  No, no one lives at the South Pole.
Adam:  The North Pole?
Mom:  No one lives at the North Pole either.
Adam:  Santa does!
Mom:  Oh yes, you're right.
Foiled by the Santa police!

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