Monday, September 01, 2008

Silly Monkey Story - Kids and Contemporary Art

On our vacation, we visited the Norman Rockwell Museum and Chesterwood, home of Daniel Chester French, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The kids loved to mimic the sculptures around the grounds.

Statue by Peter Rockwell

Sculpture of children by Peter Rockwell, Norman Rockwell's son. Adam was so tired from posing, he collapsed afterwards:


The following photos were from the 2008 contemporary sculpture exhibit at Chesterwood:

new fish, BLUE FISH

new fish, BLUE FISH by Jerome Harris Parmet, steel, $13,000. Dova and Adam put on their best fishy face.

Eight Foot Woman

Eight Foot Woman by Philip Howie, cement, $10,000. Oh wait, that's not a kid, that's Doug!

Alien Species

Alien Species by Robin Tost, wood, $7000. Aargghhhh!! Run for your lives!

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