Monday, October 13, 2008

Conversations with Dova, 4-Year-Old

Dova and her turtle shirt
Dova in her turtle shirt from Grandma's trip to Hawaii.  She looks just like the girl on the shirt.

Dova's sayings have now evolved into Dova's conversations!  Here are the latest installments from our hysterical 4-year-old.
If you didn't have bones in your knuckles, they would be all wobbly.  And if you didn't have bones in your spine YOU would be all wobbly.

I wish I were a swordfish so I can pick your nose.

Why do numbers never end?

Dova:  What is Columbus Day?
Mom:  It's when Columbus discovered America.  No wait, maybe it was his birthday.
Dova:  Mom, you're not very smart.
Mom (laughing):  Oh really?  Why not?
Dova:  Because you can't remember anything!
Mom:  (I guess you can fool most adults, but not a 4-year-old!)

Dova:  When you pour water on the computer, will it explode?
Mom:  Well, it could spark and catch fire.
Dova:  Well, then we shouldn't put the aquarium on top of the computer.
Mom:  (What on earth gave her that idea!)

Dova: Shick
Mom: What? (hoping that I heard it wrong)
Dova: Shick!
Mom: WHAT?
Dova: CHECK OK? What did you think I said?
Mom: Um, nothing, check!

When I'm a teenager, will I like having boobs?
She continues to crack us up as well as the teachers at her school.

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