Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lights. Action. DOT-it!

LADi at Night
I had the opportunity to see the LADi (Lights. Action. DOT-it) herself in all her glory. What on earth is the LADi? She's an Airstream trailer that made a tour of the United States to promote Sylvania's DOT-it products. And what on earth are DOT-its? DOT-its are battery-operated LED lights in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors. There's even one for breast cancer awareness:

Check out how LADi's interior is completely lit by DOT-its:

DOT-it bed
Sexy chamber indeed!

DOT-it kitchen
Happy blinking kitchen.

The uses for DOT-its are only restricted by your imagination. Sylvania is also releasing DOT-it Lite Sticks that can be used just like glow sticks. Kids can be cool and wear them around their necks.  Parents can be happy that you can shut them off to use multiple times and there are no harmful chemicals. Adam once broke a glow stick at his birthday party and sprayed the chemicals all over himself. It was cool to see the luminescent drops all over his body (including his hair), but then it was scary when he said that it started to burn. We threw him in the shower right in the middle of his party and all was well. The DOT-it Lite Sticks are now available at Walmart just in time for Halloween!

I am giving away four packages of Sylvania DOT-it Checkers. These are the colorful dots you see on LADi's kitchen hood.  See contest bytes for details and enter by October 15th.

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