Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Things I didn't have ten years ago that I can't live without now - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Here are thirteen things that I didn't have 10 years ago that I can't live without.  Some are sentimental, some are geeky, some are gadgety.  That pretty much sums me up!
  1. My husband Doug - He just squeaks under the wire as husband because our 10th anniversary is coming up next July.  He's been in my life for over 14 years now.
  2. Adam - Turning 8 on Saturday!  How did he get to be so big?
  3. Dova - Turning 5 in December.
  4. Central air conditioning - We put this in when I was pregnant with Adam because I refused to deal with the heat.  Now we are all spoiled in the summertime.  It has actually helped me enjoy summer more than I have in the past (usually comes last with me in terms of seasons).
  5. Garage - We built our 3-car garage in 2000 while I was pregnant.  I sure don't miss digging my car out of the snow and scraping frost in the morning.
  6. My 15 minute commute - I was able to zip to Adam's school in 7 minutes because he was having asthma problems once.  Can't imagine having another job further away.
  7. High speed internet - We've had it since around 1999 through cable and now through fiber optic.  Loving FiOS, not a single glitch since it was installed in June.
  8. Podcasts - It is extremely rare that I listen to radio anymore with tons of podcasts available (including radio shows like This American Life, Radio Lab and NPR).
  9. iPod - I gotta take the podcasts with me, can't sit at a computer and listen to them.
  10. iPhone - Still loving my slow first generation Edge iPhone.  Just wish my company would grant me external wi-fi access because I can't get reception at work.
  11. DVR - Kids shows, car shows and one knitting show for mom.  I don't watch as much TV as the rest of my family, but I wouldn't watch without the DVR.
  12. GPS - Can't imagine taking a vacation without it now.
  13. Blogging!- Didn't even exist 10 years ago and now it's such a big part of my life!

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