Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Maddening Conversation with Dova

Dova smiles in the bathtub

Here's one of the maddening conversations that I had with Dova recently :
Mom:  Dova, you're going to take a bath tonight.
Dova:  No, I'm not.
Mom:  Yes you are, you need to.
Dova:  I'm agreeing with you.  No bath.
Mom:  What??  You're not agreeing with me, I said you have to take a bath!
Dova:  NO!
Mom:  YES!
Dova:  You'll have to take the challenge.
Mom:  You're a challenge all right!
Dova:  I'll take your word for it.
Where does this 4-year-old come up with these sayings? It is so hard to keep a straight face when she says them.  I actually had this conversation with her on the phone, while I was traveling in Seattle.  Doug was having a hard time getting her to take a bath so I talked to her, thinking that I could straighten her out.  I felt like reaching through the phone line and strangling her like Bart Simpson.

In reality, she loves bath time once you get her in.  She even posed for these photographs.  Here is an eerie one taken totally by accident (for lack of a real flash, I put the black lens cap over the on-camera flash to divert the direct light):

Ghost girl

It is almost too creepy, like she's a ghost or a ball-jointed doll. So I have to show it with the fun picture on top (with the full-on flash) to take the unreal edge off.

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