Monday, November 10, 2008

Gravatar - No Longer X-rated!

I signed up for a Gravatar ages ago but lately I haven't been seeing my flower on comments.  I finally figured out that my gravatar was rated X, so it wouldn't appear where only G-rated gravatars were allowed!  After checking the FAQs, I learned that you can change the rating of your gravatar by going to My Account > Manage.  Hover over the image at the bottom under "Choose an image".  When you see the rating in black next to your image, click on the rating.  In the next page, click on a new rating.  You can also check the rating of your gravatar.

Whew I'm so glad that I'm back to a G-rating and people can see me again!  If you don't have a Gravatar, it is easy peasy to sign up.  Then you'll have an avatar for Haloscan comments (used here), Wordpress blogs and just about any other blog service besides Blogger d'oh.

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