Sunday, November 16, 2008

I can be a talking head too!

At BlogHer Boston, I did an interview with Hooked on Phonics about the trials and triumphs of getting Adam to read. If you're a long time reader, you've heard the story about how Adam finally broke through and started reading on his own. If not, check out this video where I blah blah blah about it.

Side note:  Watching myself on this video is extremely painful, even worse than listening to myself in the audio interview with Manic Mommies. And what's with my hands waving around?  I'm Chinese, not Italian (apparently I can insult two stereotypes at once)!  So if I ever decide to branch outside of blogging, it will be strictly audio without video, as I could never survive editing video material of myself.  And just like I use photographs to distract people from my writing in blogging, I would probably use music (piano playing) to distract people from my speaking.  Maybe I just like a lot of props winking.

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