Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Secret to Perfect Children's Hair


Dova insists on having long hair, but it can be a constant source of screaming when it comes to brushing. She has a knack for getting her hair into anything sticky.  Luckily, we have products to help us with her hair.  When it comes to hair products, I can unabashedly say that we are a Suave family.  Sure, it is partially because I'm too cheap frugal, but they really make great products, especially for kids.  When Suave came out with the strawberry shampoo in the pink bottle, I bet they totally cornered the market with girls. It even smells delicious! We also use the Suave conditioner and detangler spray on her hair all the time.  She has the most beautiful fine hair with natural red and golden highlights.  And I know that it's in good hands with Suave.

Adam and our Suave collection

Don't let Adam's messy hair fool you, he simply refused to have it brushed for this picture (and Dova was in one of her "moods"). He got the best of mom and dad's hair, super thick (mom) and curly (dad).  He uses the watermelon soccer shampoo in his favorite color, green.  What could be more perfect?  Being able to knock them down perhaps?

Knocking down the Suave bottles

And Suave is just a super cool company.  You have to check out the hysterical In the Motherhood video series starring Jenny McCarthy, Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler. This web series is sponsored by Suave and written by moms like you (if you're a mom reading this) and me (if I could actually get my act together and submit a story).  They also sponsor Glamour Reel Moments featuring short films directed by women in Hollywood.

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