Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knitted Kitties

Knitted Kitties

I knitted a pair of knitted kitties for Adam and Dova from this pattern. Adam's striped kitty on the right was knit with variegated yarn from my late cousin Ruth. I made his kitty completely to the pattern (oops, I forgot to give him a nose).  For Dova's kitty, I knit the tail using I-cord, but it definitely looks a bit odd considering it is striped with smooth stockinette.  Dova's kitty was made from the sleeve of her sweater that I previously knitted and took apart. Now, instead of a sweater she won't wear, she has a cardigan vest which she won't wear.  She does love her kitty as it is the perfect size to hold in her hand when she falls asleep.

Dova and her knitted kitty

Apparently, my cat Wysiwyg thought that these were her knitted kitties and wanted to pose with them. I was just setting up the shot and she just waltzed in and sat down between them.

Wysiwyg with the knitted kitties

If you're a knitter and love social networking, you must check out Ravelry. I had joined ages ago and hooked up with a few knitting friends and bloggers that I knew. I had since let it languish as I haven't knitted any new projects. A few weeks ago, I uploaded the knitted kitty photo and almost immediately, someone left a nice comment.  I also had birthday wishes in my inbox and an invitation to join a group called "Angela knits".  As on every other social networking site, you can find me as moonfever0.  What a cool community!

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Picktorrent said...

wow, those are true cuties! and they are not at all as difficult to make as it may seem from the first glance, what makes me especially glad)) sure thing, nothing can substitute real communication with animals, but knbitted kitties might do for a change.