Thursday, February 19, 2009

When in Doubt, Interview Your Kids

Are you looking for something more substantial from me lately? Yes, the blog has been long on photos and short on prose because all of my writing energy has been put into BlogHer posts recently. In my latest post about playing doctor, I was at a loss for material so I interviewed my kids as I sometimes do. I used the free iTalk application for the iPhone to record the interviews.

Adam had such a blast being interviewed that he requested to do a second interview about soccer. I decided not to post the audio on the interwebz because it would require way too much editing, but at least I'll have them to remember their sweet voices when they're all grown up.

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And if you're here to see where I've interviewed my kids here, check out:

On a separate note, I am going to BlogHer '09!! Hope to see you there.

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