Thursday, March 05, 2009

PSF - Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

Adam checks the instructions for Kim Possible

After entering Walt Disney World's Epcot a few months ago, we were approached to participate in a prototype activity called the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure.  Apparently, we looked like a great family team with a child of the perfect age.  They were targeting boys and girls from ages 7 to 10. Adam at age 8, was completely engrossed in no time.

The game is like a scavenger hunt, powered by the "Kimmunicator" (a cell phone).  Clues are transmitted to the communicator and once you find them, magical things happen in what appears to be a normal backdrop, statue or display.  It wasn't too easy or too difficult, but required some thought and the eyes and ears (and sometimes noses) of the whole team. Adam was so excited, he ran from one clue to the next.  It was really hard to stop him for this photo!  We ran into a few other excited families participating in the adventure and got lots of questions from passersby.  The experience was truly awesome because it was interactive and Adam really felt that he was in control of saving the world from evil villains.  He said it was his favorite thing about Epcot. 

If you want more information on this great program, check out this site, which has many more photos and almost too much information.  I was glad to go in totally blind, as the experience definitely "exceeded my expectations", as all Disney magic should.  It appears that it is now open for anyone to experience, so check it out next time you're at Epcot.  We are definitely going to do it again someday!

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