Thursday, March 19, 2009

PSF - Springtime is for Baseball

Batter up

Yes, we have many mounds of snow left in our yard, but if it hits 60°F outside, you can be sure the kids will outside playing every sport they've been missing all winter. Unfortunately, I had to be photographer as well as pitcher here, so my aim wasn't very good (ball-wise and camera-wise).

You hit my privates!

Oops! I hit Adam's privates. Of course, this is just a hammed up picture. It was really difficult to pitch and then put my DSLR up to my face to take a photograph (no LCD preview screen).  Left-handed pitching didn't work.  Looking through the viewfinder and pitching didn't work. I had to pitch something that Adam could hit and then manage to take a photograph of something other than sky or grass.  Finally, I got this shot:

Hit right at me

Kapowie!! Right at me.

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