Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love Thursday - O's

Love bling

Here's another wonderful conversation with Dova, our precious five-year-old:
Dova:  Mom, do you know what my favorite thing in the whole world is?

Mom:  What?

Dova:  O's.

Mom:  O's??

Dova:  O's, and X's too.

Mom:  Oh X's and O's!!  You're so sweet.  Give me an O.

Now we regularly call hugs and kisses by O's and X's and always give them to each other freely.

Side note on the gel window clings.  I normally don't cave for such bling, but she really enjoys rearranging all the sparkly hearts.  We are two months late (or 10 months early) getting this up for Valentine's Day, but love never goes out of style.

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