Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother's Day? Oh yeah, we went biking...

For some reason, I had totally forgotten what we had done on Mother's Day this year even with these beautiful photographs. Doug asked me what I wanted to do that day and I couldn't come up with any ideas. Going out to brunch with the kids was totally out of the question because it would be mobbed and the kids would undoubtedly misbehave. What I really wanted to do was catch up on blogging, but it was a beautiful day and we "should" go out and do something as a family. Doug suggested a family bike ride.  Outdoors?  Exercise?  I've become a total computer potato these last few months!

It did sound like a good idea so Doug loaded up all the bikes on the car for us (he definitely wins the best husband award Red heart). Normally, it is an ordeal to get the kids to buy in on a family bike ride, but they were told - no whining on Mother's Day! We live very close to the scenic Nashua River Rail Trail and we set off. I kept my camera in my pocket as I pulled Dova in the trailer for the first half of the ride. There was a lot of huffing and puffing on my part because I was either really out of shape or Dova was getting way too big for the trailer. Thankfully, Doug took over the trailer after a while.  The biking suddenly got a whole lot easier and I finally pulled my camera out (perfectly fine to endanger my own life but not Dova's, although the real excuse was that I was working too hard just to keep up!). 

Along the Nashua River

Adam did a fantastic job biking, in total we went 12 miles. He had a hard time keeping a steady speed though, and kept speeding up whenever one of us got too close and then slowing down because he got tired. I tried to tell him that it was just like on Wii Fit, you get a better score when running if you keep a steady pace.  Didn't really help his overly competitive mindset.

Dova sleeps in the trailer

Dova slept for quite a ways in her cozy trailer with her Webkinz.

Biking next to the swamp

We rode by some green swampy areas.

Look Ma No Feet!

Adam showed off his moves. Then I got the idea to point my camera backwards and shoot some pictures of Doug and the trailer.

Shooting behind me

I deleted lots of sky and ground shots, and the one shot that came out straight (with some coaching from Doug), was totally boring! My favorite is this extreme close-up.

Extreme close-up behind the back

I screamed in surprise when I saw this picture because I had no idea that Doug was so close (yes I chimp my photos even when I ride my bike).  Finally, we stopped near the Nashua river for some family photo ops.  It was at this point that I realized that the shutter over my camera lens was not closing properly.  My brand new camera!!  But we still captured these beautiful family moments at the end of our ride.

Walking down to the river

Me and the kids

Doug and kids next to the river

I was so disappointed that my camera was broken that I put it aside and forgot about the pictures. It wasn't until I packed it up to ship for warranty repair the next week that I took out the memory card and looked at the photos. I can't wait until it get back because I'm not about to haul my DSLR on our next bike ride!

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