Friday, May 01, 2009

Photo Hunters Recap

For some reason, I have had Photo Hunters all picked out for the last few weeks, but no time to post them on Friday nights or Saturday morning. So here is a catch up post.

My feet

I had stopped in the middle of a walk to snap this photo. I especially like the fact that the wide angle makes my legs look skinny.

Protective eye

My mom took this photo in Turkey. The Turks feel this "evil eye" symbol protects you from evil. You can see this symbol on all sorts of Turkish jewelry. In fact, you can even buy a Turkish evil eye bracelet, a Turkish evil eye magnet and a Turkish evil eye house amulet from The Hunger/Breast Cancer/Child Health/Literary/Rain Forest/Animal Rescue site store.

Turn sign painted on road

During my same walk, I also shot this photo for the triangle theme. And there is sort of a triangle down at the bottom of this one:

Over the Mass Pike

Really, I was just testing out my new camera.peace sign

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