Friday, May 29, 2009

The Story of Dova's Shoes

We have two weddings to attend this year, so I bought Dova a dress and shoes to go with it. Originally, I was thinking of getting a pair of white sandals with adjustable velcro straps for her wide (extra wide) feet. But then I saw these pretty dress shoes at Sears with little heels. I hauled her into the store to try them on. She couldn't fit her feet into most of the shoes, but she jammed her feet into these and said they fit fine (form over function with this girl). I figured with tights, she would probably be okay. After we drove down to Brooklyn for the first wedding last weekend, we barely had enough time to change in the car. Since it was an unusually warm day, we didn't bother putting her tights on. Here is the story of how the shoes went (with slightly embellished dialog).

Dad, my shoes hurt

Dova: Daddy, my feet hurt!

Dad: Well, you'll have to sit down and rest.

Adam: Tag, you're it!!

Dova: Adam!!!

Dova runs in her shoes

Dova: Yay!! I love to run!! I can even run in heels!!

After this, I had to put two bandages on, one at the back of her heel and one on the top of her foot, which had skipped the blister stage and went right to bloody.

Sitting in the grass

Dova: Mom, do we have to take pictures? My feet hurt!

Mom: You can sit in the grass while we wait for the photographer.

Holding Dova

Dova: Mom, I can't walk. Can you carry me?

Mom: Of course, that's what Moms are for. You wait here while I go back to the car and get your Crocs.

In her Crocs

Dova: See? I can be pretty in Crocs too!

Mom: You always look beautiful.

After getting home, we immediately set aside her grass-stained dress shoes for donation and bought her a pair of white sandals with velcro straps. She hates them and claims she won't wear them to the next wedding. Perhaps the Crocs (or rather the $5 imitations) will make another appearance at the next wedding. Already a slave to fashion!

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