Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Boy and his Cheerios

Ever since we first gave Adam Cheerios as a baby, he has been completely addicted to them. And not the Cheerios brand, but only Joe's O's from Trader Joe's. I will admit they are crunchier and tastier. When he was a baby, I marveled at the fact that he had the dexterity to pick them up with his fingers at six months. In this photo, he would rather eat Cheerios on his first birthday than his cake discarded to the side of his high chair tray.

Baby Adam eats his Cheerios

Over the years, he continued eating them by grabbing them with his hands. No milk, no spoon. Here, he is eating them on his 4th birthday.

Adam eats Cheerios on his 4th Birthday

He still eats them like when he was a baby and he is now 8 years old! At this point, we buy 5 boxes every two weeks for him. No one else in our family eats them either. (OK I steal a few handfuls now and then).

Only Joe's O's for this boy

When he eats them by the handful, inevitably a bunch of O's escape. And sometimes, we get Cheerios explosions.

Adam explodes his Cheerios

Every day we have to hound him to sweep up his Cheerios. Because you know what the worst sound is? Crunching a Cheerio under your feet when you've just woken up and wandered into the kitchen. Everyday, he used to whine about sweeping up and he always missed a few. But now we have the Vroom to the rescue!

Vroom sucks up Cheerios!

Although, he sometimes would rather play with it like he's wrestling a snake.

Adam wrestles the Vroom

Adam thinks the Vroom is a snake

What is this device you ask? Check out my full review of the Vroom on contest bytes.

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