Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tell Me Thursday - Dova's Hot Leotard

Posing close-up

This is the leotard that I bought for Dova during her gymnastics show this month. All year, she kept looking at the leotard rack at the gym and asking to buy one. Doug and I kept saying no because we knew she would be getting a uniform leotard for her show. The uniforms were pricey but quite snazzy looking and not very uniform-looking so I thought I was off the hook. But after the show, I was so enthralled by her performance, that I took her over to the rack myself and helped her pick out this leotard. She loves the pink shiny sparkles and the black velvet.

When she was getting dressed for the show, I commented on how cool her shiny swirly leotard looked.  I asked her whether she was going to where this in her ballet class this summer, where all the other girls would probably wear boring pale pink.

She replied, "Yeah, I'll be the hottest girl there!"

I choked back my laughter and Adam piped in, "What kind of hot?"

"Um.. ah... um... the warm kind. Yeah that's it, the warm kind."

It doesn't help that one of our nicknames for Dova is "hot little baby" since she is always hot, never wears a jacket, and kicks off her covers at night. But we really do mean the warm in this case!!  But I guess she is definitely growing out the baby title at 5 years old.

Flipping over the bar


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