Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday Toot - Dova's Gymnastics Show

Dova poses in gymnastics

It's been a while for Tuesday Toot! Ever since the incident with Adam's soccer penalty shot, I've been gunshy about gushing over the kids. Over the weekend, Dova had her gymnastics show and I was quite surprised at how brilliantly she performed. Doug, the super chauffeur, had been taking her to classes all year while I was at work, so I never got to see how she has developed. When Adam was five, he took the same class and the show was more of a chore than anything. At that point, Dova was two and tried to claim all our attention. It was held in at the school gym as opposed to the gymnnastics gym, so Adam was too far away for good photographs. So when sat down for this show, my expectations were not that high. In her opening sequence, Dova immediately showed confidence and poise.

Although she was supposed to use her hands to help jump onto the vault, Dova nailed the springboard and landed squarely on her feet every time. She was the only girl or boy in the class to do this.

Nailing the springboard

She was also the only girl who didn't even bobble on the balance beam, let alone step off. Such balance!

Balanced on the balance beam

She also jumped right up onto the high bar by herself.

High bar

Really, check out her balance beam and high bar routine.

She's my champion!

Dova Champion

I was so pleased with her performance that I even bought her a leotard from the rack that she's been coveting all year. She was even accepted early into the big girl's class for next season. I'm hoping that she learns how do a proper cartwheel. She's definitely going to excel at balance beam and vault. Special thanks to Doug for hauling her all year and taking the videos.

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