Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Never Too Old for Threadless

I've always thought that Threadless tees were cool, but it wasn't until I sponsored a giveaway for them that I actually owned a Threadless shirt.  Now I'm totally hooked.  My first Threadless Typetee was If you find me dead, make it look like I was doing something cool (got it before it sold out!).

Threadless Dead shirt

My kids were more than willing to pose for this shot...  I wore this tee a couple of times to work on casual Fridays but most people were too polite to read my shirt. No really, look at my chest!! It's such a cool shirt.

Then I caught a Threadless tweet that they were having a $5 shirt sale so I picked up two more shirts.  I had recently posted about cookies on Momisodes, and I was dying to actually own the Stupid raisins, stay out of my cookies shirt.

Threadless Stupid Raisins

For the BlogHer Boston-area get together, I baked a batch of cookies and was planning to wear this shirt. But then I thought I'd better look more my age and put on something more professional-looking. Here I am as part of the Asian blogger invasion with Christine (Boston Mamas) and Sandy (Momisodes).

Me, Christine and Sandy

Very nice, very nice, but I look b-o-r-i-n-g and like I've been sneaking way too many cookies on the side.

And lastly I bought this super "green" Infinity MPG bike shirt.

Threadless Bike shirt

I was really proud to wear this shirt that week, because I actually took my bike to run errands at lunch time. Once to vote in a critical town budget override (yay, it passed and we still have a library!), and once to mail a package at the post office.

So the big question is what do I wear to BlogHer?  Something boring and my age or my Threadless tees?  For BlogHer Boston last year, I wore a cool breast cancer t-shirt that said "Fight like a girl" and felt totally underdressed.  When I'm on the panel, I will wear something respectable where I have to speak out loud and everyone will be looking at me, but I really just want to be a Threadless girl.  Nude no more!

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