Thursday, July 30, 2009

PSF - Waiting

Easton Beach in Newport, RI
I mysteriously found this unpublished draft recently!!

Every year, we wait patiently until March rolls around so that we can take our annual getaway to Newport, Rhode Island.  Both grandmas come down to watch the kids, and each year we think it will be easier for them because the kids are getting older.  When Adam was two and three, he was quite a handful as he was a very energetic toddler boy. When Dova was born, we took year off and the next year, the grandmas had two energetic kids to contend with.  Now that they are officially old enough to know how to behave themselves (8 and 5), the grandmas are getting too old to handle their hectic school day schedule.  We were planning to take another overnight trip this year to celebrate our 10th anniversary as well as our 10th visit.  But at this point, we've already gotten a no from one grandma.  So we'll have to wait again to find another babysitter or pawn the kids off on sleepovers.

For this photo, it had been a very dark and rainy day down in Newport, Rhode Island but I still took many pictures of the gray beach.  On the way back to the inn, the sun finally peeked through the thick layer of clouds as it was setting.  Golden light suddenly spilled onto the waves and the row of houses along the beach.  It was truly a magnificent sight.

July 30, 2009 - I just happened upon this half-written draft from April this year.  I guess I had to wait three months to rediscover it!  We had our 10th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago without much fanfare.  We are waiting three months to head back down in the off season, with a friend to watch our kids.  Three months of waiting seems to be the norm with us! We can't wait the break free and fly away, if only for a moment.

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