Sunday, August 09, 2009

Adam the Photographer - A Three-Fer

It may appear that I'm always giving my camera to Adam, but in fact, all these occasions occurred weeks apart. I took the kids hiking on some local trails and taught them what poison ivy looked like and thought I could impart some wisdom on nature photography to Adam.

Here's Adam with my smaller 17-85mm lens. He remembered how to hold the camera without having me position his hands. And is he taking a photograph of a wild bird's nest or some beautiful trees? No, he was more interested in the trail markers.

And some graffiti. It seems that he was more interested in man's impact on the trails than the nature surrounding us. This style of photography reminds me of when he was three years old, taking One Hour Photo photographs.

But he did capture these fallen leaves beautifully.

Later on, I caught him "framing" a shot over the river.

So I walked up to his spot and took this photograph for him.

He said that it wasn't quite what he had in mind. At least his creative juices are flowing and someday he will surely be a great photographer .

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