Thursday, August 06, 2009

Love Thursday - Love of Country

On the Fourth of July this year (yes, I'm that far behind), I took the kids to the playground and then for ice cream afterwards. I took my usual plethora of photographs, and then I let Adam use my camera for a while.  He took dozens of photographs before I had to forcefully yank the camera from him.

"Give me the camera..."

"...before I get mad at you!"

The thing he took the most photographs of was the American flag.  

Both of my kids are fiercely proud to be American.  They cheered for the United States during the Olympics last year (USA! USA!), and Dova keeps asking for red, white and blue clothes so she can be patriotic (I keep failing on that one).  I wanted to capture a bit of Americana on this anniversary of our country's independence.  What's more American than eating ice cream at the local ice cream stand? With the American flag proudly waving overhead.

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