Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Warning - Extremely Dangerous Babies!!

Babies are dangerous??  YES, if you are 42 years old and your youngest child is far from being a baby.  In May, Doug's cousin had his first baby and she is just adorable.  I visited every weekend to help the new mother with breastfeeding.  I was immediately overcome with the feeling that I should have another baby.  A totally irrational thought, completely governed by hormones, without any logical or analytical reason.  I could almost feel my breasts swell up with milk watching the tiny baby nurse.

The culprit at one week old.

Yawning at three weeks old. Can you smell that sweet baby breath?

Look at those precious tiny feet!

So I started conspiring to convince my family that we should have another child.  I suggested to our kids that they needed a baby sister or brother, just like their baby cousin.  They both agreed (what do they know?) but Doug kept looking at me like I was crazy.  We'd need another bedroom, we'd need to buy a different car (a dreaded minivan - egad!), and he was way too old (although his cousin is a first time father at 53, three years older than Doug!).  So I thought, words aren't going to cut it, I must sprinkle some of that baby magic onto Doug.  When the baby was three weeks old, we went to visit as a family.  I thrust the baby into Doug's arms.

He loved holding her.

He loved talking to her.

But he was not convinced.  I finally came out of the fog and realized how crazy it would be to have another baby.  The diapers, the extra room that doesn't exist, the minivan, the lack of sleep, the outnumbering of the parents, the resources...  I snapped out of it finally, for good.  Even the tremendous number of pregnant women and babies at BlogHer didn't phase me. But last week, we went to a party and saw another bouncing six month old baby boy.

Just look at this cherub!!

I love chubby baby legs, they are delicious!!

At six months, this baby is a huge 20 pounder just like Adam was.   He reminded me so much of Adam as a baby.

OK, maybe we were a bit younger and had a tad more energy then. At least these babies are nearby so I can get my baby fix!

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