Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Perfection sometimes requires a lot of coaching

A few months ago, I posted this photograph of Dova holding a stone with the Chinese symbol of longevity.  Many people commented that they loved this picture.  I love it as well, as she is holding it so perfectly, thoughtfully contemplating its meaning (which we didn't know at the time).

Well, perfection isn't always so natural.  When I asked her to pick up the stone and hold it in front of her, she grabbed it with her whole hands and blocked out the Chinese character with her fingers.  When I asked her to look at the symbol, she tilted the stone back so that she could see it but not me.  Then the stone blocked her face.  Then the symbol was upside down or crooked.  I tried to coach her on how to hold the stone but she just didn't get it.  Here's an outtake:

Finally, I put my camera down, and physically positioned the stone and her hands, and tilted her head over the stone.  I'm such a slave driver when it comes to photography!  She was actually looking at the top edge of the stone.  No wonder she didn't get it!

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