Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tell Me Thursday - First Day of School

Normally, our town starts school after Labor day, but this year we started on August 31st. I think it was because we lost so many days (weeks) in the ice storm last year and we nearly ended the school year in July. We missed the last two days of school last year because we headed down to Washington DC for my cousin's wedding (honestly, click over to the wedding post, it has no comments!). I was glad school started earlier this year as this summer was jammed with activities and travel, and we were looking forward to settling into the routines of school and soccer.

Adam was originally dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with his new school logo. I immediately told him to change into something respectable for the first day (and the obligatory picture) and picked these clothes out. After school, he said that everyone wore the school t-shirt.  Whoops!  I forgot that they all agreed to wear it at the end of last year.  I've become Timothy's mom in Timothy Goes to School, always picking out the wrong clothes.

I can tell Adam what to wear, but I didn't think I needed to tell him to zip his fly... He was totally remiss and was flying low!!!

Adam was perfectly happy using a free backpack I got from my old job, but Dova got a new pink backpack complete with Mabel's labels.  Melissa actually sent me labels and tags with my kids names out of the blue (and you know that Dova is not a standard name)!  The labels are fantastic, permanent, and cute, and are all over all the kids' school stuff.  This was the smallest backpack I could find and it was still huge on Dova.

Dova had orientation on Monday and her first full day was on Tuesday.  We woke up to brisk fall temperatures at 46F, so jackets were in order!!  She still insisted on wearing a scooter skirt.  And Adam was not going to change out of his shorts either.

Dova took the bus with her big brother and I was a nervous wreck.  Everything went smoothly of course, albeit late, with Doug doing the pitching and catching (I wait until the second week to take the school bus pictures and screw up the bus schedule).  Adam had private Kindergarten so he didn't take the bus until first grade.  Now my baby is taking the bus and is in school full time. No more babies at home!  Waa!  crying

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