Tuesday, October 06, 2009

WW – Shiny Shiny

We flew through the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, but I just had to see all the shiny gems. Here are some of my favorites.

The Hope Diamond, of course.

The Hope Diamond is a famous, deep-blue diamond of 44.5 carats. It looked gray to me... thinking It will have a new setting for a limited time soon!

Sapphire and diamond brooch. Couldn't find this one anywhere, it was one of my favorites!

Luminescent emerald brooch.

Hooker Emerald Brooch
The 75 carat Hooker Emerald Brooch was reputedly once part of the belt buckle of a Turkish sultan.

Giant sapphire, wow!

The 422.99-carat Logan Sapphire from Sri Lanka is the heaviest mounted gem in the National Gem Collection, and is framed in a brooch setting surrounded by twenty round brilliant-cut diamonds, totalling 16 carats. 423 carats?!?! I knew it was huge!

Fluorite gem, what beautiful colors!

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